Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Top 100 of 2014 (90-81)

90. Alyssa Reid - Satisfaction Guaranteed PEAK: #1 (2 weeks)

One of my top 20 songs of 2013, Alyssa Reid's "Satisfaction Guaranteed" had such longevity that she was able to make it into my 2014 chart as well! A catchy pop song co-written by the legendary Billy Steinberg complete with a flirty video where she is seductively working in a fast food restaurant all added up to this song, one of just two to make both 2013 and 2014 charts.

89. Christina Perri - Burning Gold PEAK: #14

Over the past few years, Christina Perri has continued her reputation as one of the biggest female singer-songwriters around, and this, one of her more upbeat offerings, became a favourite of mine back in the summer. It's her first of two appearances in here.

88. Three Days Grace - I Am Machine PEAK: #9

I've always found Three Days Grace's music to at least be decent, but they had yet to release something that I've been a huge fan of... until this song. It took new lead singer Matt Walst, also of My Darkest Days and childhood friend of the band, and a song like this, which is my favourite from them so far.

87. Jesse McCartney - Tie The Knot PEAK: #16

Jesse McCartney has always been hit or miss for me; however, the "In Technicolour" era, which has had a retro pop sound, has hit solid gold with all of its singles so far. This song about wanting to marry this girl he has his eye on was a hit for me... and his first of two appearances here. How high is "Superbad"?

86. Jennifer Lopez - First Love PEAK: #9

Despite largely disappointing me this year (and indeed, she has some of my worst of the year as well!), this Max Martin-produced tune was the right kind of catchy, upbeat pop music J-Lo has been known for. It gave her another top 10 on my chart, and her only appearance in my top 100 best of the year.

85. Celine Dion - Thankful PEAK: #3

One of the highlights from Celine Dion's "Loved Me Back To Life" album has been this song, which is currently charting in my top 5. Unfortunately, I've charted it too late to get any higher than this, but it's still a very respectable showing. "Incredible", which is still to come, was another of my favourites.

84. Taylor Dayne - Dreaming PEAK: #19

Who knew that 80's-90's dance-pop siren Taylor Dayne was still around? This song is just as good as her classics to me, and proved that even at 52 years old, she can still make a fantastic song.

83. O.A.R. - Favorite Song PEAK: #12

Name-dropping several of their favourite songs in the lyrics, Maryland-based college rock band O.A.R. delivered one of their best songs yet with this, their closest to matching "Shattered (Turn The Car Around)" from 6 years ago.

82. Avicii feat. Dan Tyminski - Hey Brother PEAK: #6

A mix of dance and country, Swedish DJ Avicii gave us yet another big here, proving why he is one of the world's most in demand DJ's and showing a diverse side to his music.

81. Jann Arden - You Love Me Back PEAK: #17

It's hard to believe it's been 20 years since Jann Arden released her biggest album "Living Under June"... and harder to believe how she's managed to last in the Canadian music industry. This song showed a more dance-leaning direction to her sound, and was a hit for me in the spring, adding to her impressive library of hits.

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