Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Top 100 of 2014 (80-71)

80. Hilary Duff - All About You PEAK: #11

It was a long-awaited comeback but former Disney star Hilary Duff proved it was worth waiting for her to come back! This more Hot AC-oriented track gave her a strong return for me and shows I didn't forget about her!

79. Kristina Maria - Move Like A Soldier PEAK: #15

Ottawa-based dance-pop singer Kristina Maria has had several hits over the past few years, and this single is among my favourites from her so far. She finds herself on a fourth consecutive year-end chart here.

78. Maroon 5 - Animals PEAK: #6

Shock crashout here! "Animals" has been one of Maroon 5's biggest hits so far, but I got tired of it rather fast for their usual standards, and as a result, it was only strong enough for #78 of the year! How high did their #1 hit "Maps" end up?

77. Lea Michele - Cannonball PEAK: #6

Out of all of the stars of "Glee", I always felt Lea Michele had the potential to make it big. This song proved her voice fits mainstream pop songs very well, with Sia's writing and Stargate's production she was able to reach the top 10 on my chart for the first time.

76. Lexi Strate - Chances PEAK: #11

Alberta-based singer-songwriter Lexi Strate took her chances in 2014, and this song was lucky enough to reach my year-end top 100 after a couple other charting singles. I have this feeling she will make my chart many more times to come.

75. Foo Fighters - Something From Nothing PEAK: #5

An anticipated comeback this year was that of the Foo Fighters, who have consistently remained one of my favourite rock bands since they started out. This return definitely lived up to expectations, reaching the top 5 on my chart.

74. Shawn Hook - Million Ways PEAK: #11

British Columbia's Shawn Hook has had several hits on my chart so far, and this one became my favourite song from him so far in a generally strong year for Canadian music.

73. Beyoncé - XO PEAK: #8

From her surprise-released self-titled albums, Beyoncé needs no introduction. While my interest in her has waned the past few years, this song was still strong enough to garner attention from me and reach the top 10 on my chart.

72. Mia Martina - HFH PEAK: #10

Another rising Canadian star here, New Brunswick-based dance-pop singer Mia Martina has had several hits on my chart lately, but this one became my favourite from her so far, reaching the top 10 for the first time in her career.

71. 'N Sync - Are You Gonna Be There PEAK: #18

Talk about surprises! While they released a new compilation album this year, the band members themselves weren't aware of the release! Of course, as they only had released three studio albums, they needed more music to fill a two-disc compilation, and that's where this previously unreleased song came into play.

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